Chris Oyakhilome helps people discover God

Chris Oyakhilome helps people discover God

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a man of God. He is somebody who has devoted his entire life to preaching God’s words through his careful interpretation of the bible. He is a vicar of Christ. However, he is no ordinary priest. Pastor Chris, as his many followers call him, is more of a messenger of God. Although he never said as much, the good priest speaks as if he had some sort of vision that he wishes to share with the world.

And anybody who has ever been to one of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s sermons knows of the super-charged atmosphere in the arenas and halls he uses to gather his congregation. It is like being at a religious rock concert. The only difference is that you will not find burly dudes dressed in heavy metal gear but a suave Afro-American gentleman in a finely tailored suit.

But who is this man of God exactly? What makes him believe that he is the one to spread the word of God?

Through his anointed ministry, the ‘Christ Embassy,’ spanning more than twenty-five years and covering most countries on the planet, the pastor, teacher, healer, TV host, and famous author, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has helped thousands of people experience a glorious and happy life based on the Word of God. Over the years the flamboyant clergyman has helped millions of people find their way to God. And on this road, he has performed miracles that too many may seem unbelievable if you had not seen them first hand.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is the author of ‘Rhapsody of Realities.’ His teachings are also available in audio, video, the World Wide Web and on podcasts. This man of God is not afraid to embrace modern communication methods. Pastor Chris will go to great lengths to spread the word of Christ and God to the world in any way he can. You can follow him on Twitter, Facebook and more. In addition, the pastor’s daily devotional, ‘Rhapsody of realities,’ is a huge success, educating and comforting millions of followers on a daily basis.

Presiding over the ever-growing network of Christ Embassy Churches and academic fraternities on all five continents, Pastor Chris is also a reverend of one of the largest congregations in Africa. It leads to massive teachings and healing crusades that can bring together more than 3.5 million people in one evening.

In 2003, he created the first ever-growing Christian Network of Africa broadcasting 24 hours a day. He is also the host of ‘Atmosphere for Miracles,’ a program broadcast on major television channels around the world, bringing the presence of God into people’s homes.

The internationally renowned Healing School is one of Pastor Chris’s miniseries that manifests the healing works of Jesus Christ today and has helped many people receive healings and miracles through the gifts of the Spirit.

But what does the reverend believe about discovering God?

Think of finding God in an everyday context like finding your house keys or other items. You will usually find your house keys in your pocket; your glasses in the bathroom where you last took them off; your slippers probably stayed in the living room by the sofa. But how and where do you find God? This is a question many people are confronted with when they are at a difficult point in their lives.

Is God to be found?

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome believes that God is everywhere and can be found easily as long as you are willing to believe.

However, the main problem with finding God is that you cannot actually find him. Even if you are smart, you have no chance. That’s because God blasts our perception, and exists in another dimension or better said, he exists in all dimensions. A one-dimensional point will never understand that there can be something like a line. For a two-dimensional image, talking about depth is entirely incomprehensible. And you, as a three-dimensional person, do not see and cannot find God who is not part of your world.

Was that it then? Can you even find what you cannot see? Does God hide from us?

Not quite – because God does not play hide-and-seek with you. He does not retreat to where he cannot be found. On the contrary, he wants to be perceived. In the Sermon on the Mountain, Jesus states this: ‘Ask God, and He will give you! Seek, and you will find! Knock, and the door will be opened to you!’ (Matthew 7: 7).

Many people have already experienced this occurrence. At some point, they started looking for God. And the place was not crucial for that. They did not have to go to church, Jerusalem or Rome. They turned to the god whom they did not see – and found him when they least expected to find him.

How does God reveal himself?

So, if you want to find God, it’s not about fulfilling a particular ritual. You do not have to press the right button at the right time, like Indiana Jones on his treasure hunt, to open a secret door. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome says that the whole thing only works if God wants to show himself to you because you cannot recognize him otherwise. The good news is: God wants you to find him! And he reveals himself to you so that you can identify him: When you see the wonders of nature when you read the Bible when you talk to him about other people, or even when you inform him about something you found on the Internet. All these situations – and many more – are needed by God to reveal himself.

In your search for God, it may seem to you that there is an obstacle as if you cannot easily penetrate God’s veil. This is what the Bible speaks of by calling it ‘sin’ and emphasizes that our injustices and transgressions separate us from God. But at the same time, the Bible emphasizes that God has long since bridged this gap. That he has made his way to you and is looking for our community. So you are not the only seeker. Even more, than you would like to find God, he wants to see you even more than you want to find him.


Pastor Chris Oyakhilome says that ‘God is committed to living in communion with you – all you have to do is believe.’



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